Johans is a very popular beach resort and dive center. Located mid-way down Baloy Beach, Johan’s features a 24 hour bar and restaurant, one of the best dive centers in Subic, a good variety of rooms, starting at p700 for a fan room with a queen sized bed, to p2,500 for an apartment style room with kitchen, and a sofa bed that’s good for two extra people. Johans also offers jet ski rentals, and they have some really high quality dive boats.

I go to Johan’s a few times a week to buy bread and pastries from their on-site bakery. The bread is the best in town, and I love the pineapple, blueberry and apple pastries, though my waist band doesn’t like them at all! You’ll want to visit their ice cream shop. They have truly fantastic desserts, made from fresh fruits and homemade Belgian ice cream. My favorite is either the “Black forest: vanilla & chocolate ice, cake and cherries syrup”, or the Belgian Waffle with banana and whipped cream. Delicious!

A photo of dive boats at Johan's Subic Dive Center in Baloy Beach

Two of Johan’s Quality Dive Boats

Divers will love this place. They offer PADI and ANDI certification, and have courses for all kinds of diving, from Discover Snorkeling to Dive Master. I’m not a diver, and can’t really describe all the different things like Trimix, Nitrox, and Technical Sidemount, but they have them all. Check out all the juicy details at Subic Dive. Use the Website and Facebook links to get much more detail, and see their awesome photos.

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