The Lagoon Resort offers budget accommodations complete with a swimming pool, bar and restaurant, and three apartments for short or long-term stays.

The Lagoon offers excellent food at good prices. The menu is rather extensive for a place of this size, offering Chinese, Filipino, Mexican, American and English foods. I personally eat there fairly often, as my home is very close by.

The service is very friendly and casual – you’ll feel like old friends right away.

The Lagoon also offers the best live entertainment in the area on Saturday nights, from approximately 8:00pm until around midnight. The band has two fantastic female lead vocalists who can really belt out a tune. I’m very critical of many of the bands here in the Philippines, and this one is truly great. They cover many, many classic rock and roll songs, and have a good number of their own. When I have a “guest”, I really enjoy bringing her to the Lagoon on Saturday to hear the band and have a few drinks. It makes for a special occasion that departs from the usual barhopping and drinking, even through we are still barhopping and drinking. hehe.

Whether you are coming to Baloy for your holiday, or live in the Barrio Barretto/Olongapo area, I highly recommend adding The Lagoon Resort to your itinerary. Stop in and say hello, and become part of the Lagoon Family.

Check out the web site for details and more photos.