The White House offers numerous accommodations in the Baloy Beach area. From a private beach house, to beachfront apartelles, to budget rooms from 800 pesos per night and up.

There's too much to say about White House to put everything here. Besides, I don't have any photos yet (the one photo is from their website), so I'll just direct you to the White House Baloy web site for details.I don't have an e-mail address for The White House, but the web site does offer online booking and you can use that same form to send comments and questions.

I can tell you this – Lars, the owner, is a great guy and he runs a quality operation. He's just added on a new set of room and they look great.

Several local residents that I know live there full-time, and love it. Add The White House to your list of places to check before you finalize your arrangements. You'll be happy you did.