Trader Ric’s is Baloy Beach’s newest hotel and restaurant. With 20 gorgeous rooms and the best BBQ in town, Trader Ric’s Baloy needs to be on your must visit list.

The new building is now complete and in full operation. The new building has 10 new rooms, and two complete restaurants. The upstairs restaurant and bar is open air, and the downstairs restaurant is glassed in with crisp and cool air conditioning. Both are beachfront, and offer fantastic views of the Baloy Beach sunsets.

In addition, they’ve recently added 10 off-the-road parking spots in front of the building.

New pictures coming soon!

While the rooms at Trader Ric’s are very nice and offer great value, many people come here for the food! Trader Ric’s has an extensive menu, including the only brick-oven pizza in town, and they operate their own smoker for awesome bar-b-que. From soups to salads to steaks, you can’t go wrong. I had the Trader Ric’s Club sandwich the other day, and it was superb. They add some thin slices of cucumber that really adds some flavor, and makes everything else just pop.

Highly recommended!