Baloy Beach Resorts lists hotels, resorts and restaurants located on Baloy Long Beach, Olongapo City, Philippines.

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Baloy Beach is in Zambales Province, on Luzon Island. It is officially part of Olongapo City, the home of the former Subic Bay Naval Station (United States Naval base). The Naval Station is now the Subic Bay Free Port Zone (SBFZ), and is managed and operated by the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA). Baloy is roughly 20 minutes from the Free Port Zone, along National Highway. The Free Port Zone offers excellent shopping and other services, including auto repair, photography, computer parts and repair, movie theaters, restaurants and many other products and services. Ayala Malls has recently opened a beautiful mall on the old Naval Station, and the stores are all open and running. SBFZ also has several great supermarkets with a good selection of foreign (American, English, Aussie, etc) goods.

Baloy Beach is a small, lovely, tight-knit community. The people here are very friendly, and watch out for each other. I’ve had trike drivers interrupt attempts to break into my home, and stop petty theft when I’ve left something outside. The beach is definitely not up to Boracay standards, but very few beaches are! It’s very nice, though somewhat narrow in places (mostly when the tide is high), and is perfect for beach parties, bar-b-cues and beach walks.

Local residents and tourists alike take advantage of the beach to escape the heat on hot, humid tropical days. If you don’t like swimming in the Philippine Sea, you can always visit one of the many resorts in Baloy that have swimming pools. All allow outside visitors to use the pools as long as they are eating or buying drinks, etc. Some offer use of their facilities for a nominal fee, if you are not buying food and drinks from their restaurants.

Accommodations range from budget to extravagant, with everything in between. You can find one-room flats with private bathrooms as easily as finding three room suites with separate living and sleeping quarters, walk in closets, flat screen TVs and everything else you could possibly want. Stay on the beach or in the quiet background – it’s up to you.